idk who dis but cute

idk who dis but cute

I was thinking of Nicodemus and the Great Owl from NIMH but uh

ref to this of my prog

bottom pic mfw i remember i have been abandoning this blog


Official commissions post/announcement time! I hope these give a good general idea as it can go up/down (not by too much though) depending on how much time I’ll need to invest in your commission. Here are the details (links go to the posts of above images):

  • multiple characters are $5+ each (depending on complexity)


  • payment is through paypal, and these prices are all in USD. I’m taking payment in full up front this time. I didn’t have any problems before, but this way I just feel better overall lol.
  • I’ll draw anything from any fandom/ocs/etc., as long as the content of the commission doesn’t make me uncomfortable. If it does I will tell you beforehand, don’t worry. (protip if it is silly I will love it)
  • please provide your own refs/sheets if applicable, ty

Please send me an ask/fanmail or preferably email me if you are interested or have any questions!! Thank you for taking the time to check out this post!

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